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3 Gedichte vom anarchistischen Gefangenen Eric King

Montag, Februar 14th, 2022

quelle: support for eric king

This Vile Institution

I have the blues like a dead man’s lips
This vile institution
Serving your cereal with a cup of warm piss
they’ll teach me a lesson
If only my cold shoulder didn’t come with a chip
for all my treason
maybe my life was a failure, but it felt like a gift
the dementor is freezing
I’m a thorn bush that needs to be clipped

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Aufruf: Gefangene schreiben für die Abschaffung von allen Knästen

Dienstag, Mai 8th, 2018

Wir leiten weiter…

The Empty Cages Collective and the Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee (IWOC) in the UK is calling out to prisoners and ex-prisoners worldwide to contribute their writing to a new publication: Prisoner Writings on Prison Abolition.

This publication will share prisoner voices in the prison abolition conversation. It will centre the experiences of people in prison and their ideas on questioning, resisting and dismantling the prison industrial complex – as well as building a world without prisons.

It will be published during the International Week of Solidarity of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners at the end of August 2018.

Material received before the 1st June will be published in an interim publication distributed at the International Conference on Prison Abolition (ICOPA) that is taking place in London, UK in 15-18th June 2018. It will also be distributed online, be posted to prisoners and shared with radical distributors across the planet.

Prisoners are invited to send letters, articles and artwork to:

Empty Cages Collective, c/o BASE Social Centre, 14 Robertson Road, Bristol BS5 6JY, UK
Or supporters can email typed-up contributions to:

More info and to see the really nice front cover: