3 Gedichte vom anarchistischen Gefangenen Eric King

quelle: support for eric king

This Vile Institution

I have the blues like a dead man’s lips
This vile institution
Serving your cereal with a cup of warm piss
they’ll teach me a lesson
If only my cold shoulder didn’t come with a chip
for all my treason
maybe my life was a failure, but it felt like a gift
the dementor is freezing
I’m a thorn bush that needs to be clipped

Our Getaway

With a shovel and a dream
I begin heading your way
The ground is cold and hard
and inclined to budge
But we fight it, we fight hard
and we fight the calendar
We’re expected to break
to throw in every towel
Our muscles are aching
Sore but not breaking
Meet in the middle
We’ll help each other to escape
To flee society and heartbreak
Together we’ll tunnel out of this pain
and nothing will stop our getaway


“They forgot we were earthworms”

They tried to bury us
They forgot we were earthworms
Eating out their rotten brains
And shitting out their undigestible’s
that we were fucking shovels
just ‘cause someone throws dirt on you
doesn’t mean you can’t throw
That shit right off
that we were landmines
waiting for one, wrong, cocky misstep
To bring them to their knees
and send their knees into the trees
that we were fucking zombies
we’d keep rising up
‘cause we didn’t crave brains
we craved freedom
that we didn’t mind the underground
away from their laws and harsh glares
that we were Prairie dogs
digging tunnels and spending all day
just barking and talking shit
when we see the Hawks come in
we’ll scamper for a minute
that we’re already dirt
full of the goddess energy
giving life to vibrant communities
we’ll gladly share the world
with pretty flowers and tickley bugs
that we do what we want
like our mothers and fathers before us
we don’t wave the flag
and say surrender
because the enemy tells us
“the fight is over”