Solidarity with Andreas Krebs – A summary (Situation July 2019)

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Our friend and companion Andreas is currently imprisoned in Naples (Italy). Since his imprisonment in Germany Andreas has been known as a rebellious prisoner. In April 2019 he was sentenced in Italy to 24 years in jail. In addition, Andreas has recently been diagnosed with kidney cancer. His health is deteriorating and we fear for his life. Actually, he should undergo surgery months ago, but the Italian authorities refuse to transfer him to a hospital.

Andreas was in the clutches of the German judicial machinery for years and he was in jail for a total of 16 years. He is a rebellious prisoner, participated in building the prisoners’ union (GGBO) behind bars, he went on hunger strike several times against the prison conditions and also participated in a solidarity hunger strike for the prisoners in Greece. To date he repeatedly publishes texts against the prison society, in which he describes everyday life in captivity.

In autumn 2014, after his release, he met his current wife Jutta. Both decided to spend a quiet retirement in the south of Italy. At the end of December 2016 there was a dispute with his former employer, who attacked Andreas and strangled him. Andreas stabbed him in self-defense with a penknife. Sadly, the victim died in the hospital three days later under mysterious circumstances, although it was said shortly after the act that he would survive.

What followed was an unprecedented hunt against Andreas and Jutta. Jutta received death threats via Facebook while in the Santa Maria Capua Vetere prison he was maltreated and tortured by the family members of the deceased, who are still working in that jail. Since the surveillance video confirmed Andreas’ statement to have defended himself, he came after several days in custody in house arrest. There they were exposed to constant “visits” by the police and hatred from large parts of the population. The family of the victim besieged their home, so that Andreas and Jutta could not go out for weeks. Finally, they felt forced to flee and went back to Germany. There, Andreas was arrested less than half a year later on the basis of a European arrest warrant with the help of the anti-terror unit of the German police. Andreas was back in jail in September 2017.

In December 2017, he was then completely unexpectedly relocated to the jail in Burg with the participation of masked cops of another anti-terrorist police unit. Andreas repeatedly wrote in letters about the intolerable conditions in the jails in Volkstädt and Burg. In April 2018, Andreas was finally totally overhasty handed over to extradition custody in the jail in Berlin Moabit, finally to be delivered in May 2018 as a German citizen to Italy.

Andreas is since then in the prison of Secondigliano, one of the largest high security prisons in Naples (Open Street Map). Since May 30, 2018 the trial against him was conducted there. In November 2018, some hearing dates took place, which Andreas’ wife Jutta also attended. In the courtroom, the relatives of the victim tried to assault Jutta and threatened her again massively.

On April 1st, 2019, the trial ended in the first instance with a sentence of intentional murder of 24 years imprisonment. Andreas was already visibly physically and mentally marked by the conditions of detention in the jails of Volkstedt, Burg and most recently in Berlin-Moabit. Andreas’ critical state of health was systematically ignored and denied. He was repeatedly refused medication, clinical investigations and operations. In addition, his detention conditions were aggravated, since the German police pretends that he has a close relationship to (former) RAF members.

In Italy, Andreas’s health has improved by no means. On the contrary: Andreas was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer. In recent weeks he had to cope with acute kidney failure. He suffers from very heavy water retention throughout his body, especially in his legs and at times he can not walk anymore. He is still refused a transfer to a hospital and an operation, necessary for months and also promised by the prison management. Andreas is rebellious as usual, is committed to other prisoners and reports repeatedly about the violent everyday life in the jail of Secondigliano, the arbitrariness of the guards, the neglect and undersupply of all prisoners and the racism against African fellow prisoners.

Andreas is happy about support of every kind!

For medicine and reasonably edible food he has to pay himself.

If you want to donate money:

Payee: Krebs
IBAN: DE 90 1005 0000 1067 1474 26
Reference: Spende/Andreas Krebs

Write Andreas in jail, he is happy about every little postcard. You also can send books, newspapers, magazines or colorful paper, it all will come through. He is very interested in motorcycles and philosophical issues.

Andreas Krebs
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Via Roma Verso Scampia, 250,
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If you want to know more about Andreas, then go to
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Call numerously in the German embassy in Italy and demand medical care for the prisoner Andreas Krebs! Anything else is a failure to render assistance!

Mr. Besken (Ambassador) +39649213285

Let us show to Andreas that he is not forgotten. Solidarity actions of any kind are welcome!

Freedom for all prisoners! Down with all the prisons!
Freedom and luck for Andreas Krebs!