[Ungarn] Neuigkeiten zur Repression gegen Ahmed H./Röske11

Quelle: Kam per Mail

Dear Friends and Comrades, last week the trial against Ahmed H., one of the Röszke 11 was continued in Szeged/Hungary.

Read our statement in English concerning the trial here: https://freetheroszke11.weebly.com/home/analysis-a-political-trial-can-never-be-a-fair-trial (Hungarian translation: https://freetheroszke11.weebly.com/home/azonnali-szabadsagot-ahmed-h-nak-egy-politikai-per-sosem-lehet-igazsagos)

Also you can find our summaries of the trial dates here:
First Day 8th of January: https://freetheroszke11.weebly.com/home/short-summary-of-the-hearing-812018
Second and Third Day: https://freetheroszke11.weebly.com/home/short-summary-of-the-hearing-on-10th-and-12th-of-january-2018

Stay updated on our blog for continuation of the trial on March 14th and March 19th!

Also it is now possible to send letters to Ahmed H. If you have letters for him please send them to
Verein zur Förderung feministischer Projekte
Kleeblattgasse 7
1010 Vienna // Austria

Let’s connect our movements of solidarity, they are our weapons! An injury to one is an injury to all!
The Network to Free the Röszke 11!