Support for anarchist comrades in Greece!

On 21st of April 2016, which is apparently the date when the facist took over the greek government in 1967 and implemeted dictatorship to Greece, two comrades went down to the center of Athens and placed an incendary device in front of a bank. They wanted to burn down the ATM as an act of solidarity for political prisoners. When a taxi driver saw them and understood what was going on, he went to snitch to the cops. As a result of this the cops catched the two comrades who were about to escape the scene. The cops threatened them with the hands on the trigger of their guns.

Until now the court was frozen and they didn’t get any news. The comrades have restrictions of not leaving the country and were obliged to present themselves on a police station several times a month.

Now the date of the court is set on 29th of February. For this reason they need 5000€. So far they gathered already 2000€ by themselves.

This two comrades have shown many times solidarity to the international anarchist circles, now they ask for the same.