[CZ] Anti-Fenix-News: Urteilsverkündung am 22.9.

Kam per Mail – morgen 22.9. ist Urteilsverkündung in Prag.
Hintergründe: Antifenix

Tomorrow morning the city court in Prague will decide whether or not the 5 anarchists in Fenix 1 (the conspiracy of a preparation of a terrorist attack against the train carrying military equipment – entrapment by the state agents) will be found „guilty“.

The sentence will be in the morning hours and besides deciding over the lives of the five, it will show how far police can take it in repression against counter cultural movements or groups.

We will for sure inform you as soon as we know more.

If they will be sentenced we will do an international call for action and organize stuff here. All of this case cost us many emotional and physical resources and after all the court hearing we again hit the bottom of our economical budget, so if anyone has any extra money, we would very appreciate it.

We apologize we didn’t invite for the court through our blog, but we can’t access it due to admin problems. Hopefully it will change within hours.